Is Generation Zero Cross-platform In 2023?

Is Generation Zero Cross-platform In 2023

“Generation Zero,” is a cool video game developed and published by Avalanche Studios. The world first heard about this game back in June 2018 and there was a lot of excitement about it. Then, on March 26, 2019, the game was finally released and was available to play on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One. 

According to a 2023 report by the International Game Developers Association (IGDA), “With a 72% increase in player inquiries about crossplay, the demand for cross-platform gaming has skyrocketed.”

So the question on every mind is, “Is Generation Zero cross-platform?” Let’s find out!

Generation Zero: A Detailed Introduction

This first-person shooter video game takes place in a different version of 1989 Sweden. Here, the giant scary robots have taken over the place. Some robots are small like drones, while others are huge and taller than houses. 

In this game, you play as a Swedish teenager. The scene is when you return from an island trip, you find that all the local people have vanished. They’re gone because of the robots.

Now, your job is to stay alive in the wilds of Sweden. You have the task of defeating the robots and uncovering the fate of the missing inhabitants.

One of the great things about this game is that you can team up with up to three of your friends in a smooth co-op mode. Since surviving is a big part of the game, having three extra sets of firepower is always a plus.

Whether you’re playing in a group or going solo, this open-world FPS action survival game really tests your skills. You’ll need to come up with a strategy, defeat your enemies, gather loot, fight for survival, and uncover the mysteries of the apocalypse.

Furthermore, many players have noticed similarities between the game’s visuals and the artwork of Simon Stålenhag. In fact, even the artist himself has acknowledged these resemblances. However, the developers at Avalanche Studios have made it clear that they didn’t draw inspiration from Stålenhag’s art for the game. They assert that the artist wasn’t involved during the game’s creation.

When it comes to reviews, “Generation Zero” received unfavorable feedback on the PlayStation 4 version, according to Metacritic. However, the Windows and Xbox One versions received more mixed reviews, with some players enjoying the game while others felt it was just average.

Is Generation Zero Cross-Platform?

“Generation Zero” offers cross-platform play but is limited to Xbox and Windows 10 users. If you’re playing the game on either of these platforms, you can team up with friends or other players in the cooperative mode, regardless of the platform they are using.

It’s worth noting that cross-platform play is not available for PlayStation users. If you’re playing on a PlayStation console, you won’t be able to join friends on Xbox or PC.  The cross-play support is currently exclusive to Xbox and Windows 10 platforms.

However, hope for PlayStation users is not lost. As per statements from Generation Zero’s official Twitter account, the game’s developers are actively looking into possibilities for extending cross-play support beyond Xbox and PC, including potentially to PlayStation platforms. However, it remains uncertain if or when cross-platform play will be introduced for PlayStation.

Is Generation Zero Cross-Platform Between PC And Xbox One?

Yes, the game does support cross-platform play between PC and Xbox One. This exciting feature is made possible through the game’s updates, Resistance mode, and Frontline mode. These modes enable players on different platforms to enjoy the game together.

To access the game, you have two options: you can either use a web browser or access it through the in-game menu. Once you’re in the game, a matchmaking system automatically connects you with players with similar skill levels, regardless of the platform they’re playing on. 

Additionally, you can do so if you’re playing on a PC and prefer using a controller instead of a keyboard and mouse.

Is Generation Zero Crossplay Between PC And PS4/PS5?

It does not support cross-platform play between PC and PS4/PS5. So, if you’re looking to team up with friends, ensuring everyone has a PS4 or a PC to play together is important.

Is Generation Zero Crossplay Xbox And PS4/PS5?

As of 2023, cross-platform play is not supported between Xbox One and PS4/PS5. Each platform operates on its own separate servers, preventing players from joining games with friends on a different platform. This can be disappointing if your friends are using different systems, but unfortunately, cross-platform play is not available at the moment.

Is Generation Zero Cross-Platform On PS4 And PS5?

Yes, the game lets you play across both PS4 and PS5. So, if your friends have either console, you’re all set to team up. These two consoles use the same engine, so you can count on good graphics and performance, regardless of whether you’re on PS4 or PS5. 

Is Generation Zero Cross-Platform Between PC And Nintendo Switch?

The game does not support cross-platform play between PC and Nintendo Switch. Just as with other platforms, interaction is restricted to players on the same device.

Is Generation Zero Crossplay On Xbox One And Xbox Series X/S?

Yes, playing across Xbox One and the newer Xbox Series X/S consoles is possible. It’s not very common for many games to support cross-platform play when a new console is released. 

However, it is exciting news that “Generation Zero” offers cross-platform play between Xbox Series X/S and Xbox One. This means that players who upgrade to the newer console can continue gaming with friends still on Xbox One. 


In 2023, “Generation Zero” offers the opportunity to crossplay with friends, but it comes with a condition. This game allows players on Xbox and PC to engage in cross-play, enabling them to enjoy multiplayer together. However, it’s essential to highlight that cross-play functionality is not currently extended to other platforms.

Despite this limitation, it remains an incredibly enjoyable game. So, even though cross-platform play may not be fully implemented, there are still plenty of exciting experiences in “Generation Zero.”


1. How to invite friends on Generation Zero cross-platform?

Once you’ve sent off a friend request, the person you’ve reached out to will need to take a few steps to become your new gaming buddy. They’ll need to open up the Social menu in the game, and from there, find and go to the “Invite Friends” page. This is where they’ll be able to accept your friend request. After that, return to the Social Menu and select “Invite Friends”.

2. Generation Zero Steam crossplay with a game pass?

Unfortunately, “Generation Zero” crossplay is limited to Xbox and Microsoft Game Pass users. So, if your friends have the Steam version of the game, crossplay won’t work. That means you won’t be able to team up and play together if they’re using the game on Steam.

3. Can Game Pass and Steam play together?

Yes, if all of you have Xbox Game Pass, it doesn’t matter what device you’re playing on; you can play it together online. Just remember, you won’t be able to join games with players using a different version of the game, like the one on Steam. So, for online multiplayer, it’s all about being on the Xbox Game Pass.

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