Does PGA 2K21 Support cross-platform?

Does PGA 2K21 Support cross-platform

Cross-platform gaming has become a game-changing feature that is gaining popularity. Critics have mostly expressed positive feedback in their review of PGA  2K21. They commended the game’s ability to maintain the same level of realism as its predecessors. Moreover, they also appreciated the introduction of new difficulty levels and aids, which made the game more accessible to a broader audience. This has raised the question among players, is PGA 2K21 cross-platform?

Moving on, let’s dive deeper into the cross-platform capabilities of PGA  2K21.

PGA 2K21: Introduction 

PGA  2K21 is a popular sports game specifically created by PGA  to provide an immersive golf experience. This game lets players step into the role of the world’s top-rated golfer, Tiger Woods. Whether you are a seasoned PGA  player or just starting, the game’s features allow you to compete in exciting new game modes and be placed among other top players.

PGA  2K21 was developed through a collaboration between Firaxis Games, 2K Sports, and H2 Interactive Co., Lt. The game features exciting gameplay, where you can choose to play as either Johnny Clays or John Deere, each with their strengths and weaknesses. With over 100 events to participate in and 18 different types of shots to master, players can look forward to an epic journey of adventures that won’t disappoint.

PGA  2K21 will not allow cross-platform compatibility in 2022, but it will be obtainable on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC platforms starting from September 29. Despite rumors that the PGA will make PGA  2K21 cross-platform in 2022, it is not yet the case. 

However, the PGA is collaborating with Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo to create a cohesive and shared gaming experience for players. Cross-platform gaming has proven successful with other professional sports, and the PGA is interested in exploring this option. Still, the logistics and costs of making all PGA ornaments cross-platform may mean that it may not happen immediately.

Is PGA 2K21 Cross-platform?

Is PGA 2K21 Cross-platform

PGA  2K21’s multiplayer mode does not support cross-play. However, players can enjoy the feature-rich level editor, which allows them to create levels that can be shared across all platforms simultaneously. Additionally, users can import lessons from previous versions, including The Golf Club 2019, into the game.

The game highlights twelve different experts, including cover star Justin Thomas, whom players can choose from while playing. With the Job Mode, players can compete against their favorite  pros and check the rankings to see who ranks high.

Despite not being cross-platform compatible, PGA  2K21 is still an excellent game that golf enthusiasts will love. The game is available for purchase on Steam PC or in local stores and online console stores around $59.99.

Is PGA 2K21 Cross Platform On Nintendo Switch And Xbox One?

Unfortunately, if you are hoping to play PGA  2k21 with players using Xbox One or Nintendo Switch, the answer is no. This is because the PGA  does not support cross-platform play.

Cross-platform compatibility may be a difficult feature to implement for some games due to different console architectures, and there may also be limitations in connecting players from different platforms via online services. 

Nevertheless, while cross-platform play may not be possible for PGA  2k21, it remains an exciting game for golf enthusiasts on their respective consoles.

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Is PGA 2K21 Cross Platform Between PC And PS4/5?

Is PGA 2K21 Cross Platform Between PC And PS4/5

Unfortunately, cross-platform compatibility between PC and PS4/PS5 is absent in the PGA  2K21 game, making it impossible for PC players to engage in gameplay with those using a PS4 or PS5.

These issues can be frustrating, especially when a friend is using similar gaming hardware to yours. Nonetheless, players can still compete against each other locally through multiplayer games.

Is PGA 2K21 Cross Platform On Xbox One and PC?

Is PGA 2K21 Cross Platform On Xbox One and PC

PGA  2K21 does not offer cross-platform compatibility between PC and Xbox One, resulting in players who use Microsoft hardware being unable to engage in gameplay with those who use PC.

For players who are excited to play with friends using Xbox One, they will need to purchase the game for their Xbox One as cross-platform gameplay is not an option.

Is PGA 2K21 Crossplay Between Xbox And Ps4/5?

PGA  2K21 is not designed for cross-platform compatibility between PS4/PS5 and Xbox. As a result, players who use a PS4/5 to engage in gameplay cannot play with those who are using Xbox, and vice versa.

In cases where friends have different consoles, they will need to arrange to use the same console to play together.

Is PGA 2K21 Crossplay On Xbox One And Xbox Series X/S?

Indeed, for most online multiplayer games, players using Xbox Series X/S can compete with players using Xbox One. Moreover, crossplay will remain available for players using both Xbox and PlayStation consoles, which ensures anyone can still enjoy playing games with friends and other players despite having different consoles.

Is PGA 2K21 Crossplay On PS4 And PS5?

Yes, PGA 2K21 is crossplay compatible between PS4 and PS5. Players on both platforms can play together through crossplay, which ensures that the gaming experience is not limited, and players can enjoy golf competitions with anyone using a PS4 or PS5.

Is PGA 2K21 Cross Platform Between PC and Nintendo Switch?

Cross Platform Between PC and Nintendo Switch

Unfortunately, PGA  2k21 is not cross-platform compatible between PC and Nintendo Switch. Like other platforms, cross-play is not enabled in PGA  2k21, so players can only play with others who are using the same console as them.


PGA  2K21 has received positive reviews for its ability to maintain realism and introduce new difficulty levels and aids. While it is not currently cross-platform, there is the possibility that it may become so in the future as the PGA works with Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo to create a unified experience for players. Despite this, the game is still an excellent option for golf enthusiasts and offers a variety of features and gameplay modes. Players can enjoy the feature-rich level editor, compete against their favorite pro golfers, and unlock licensed real-life assets. While cross-platform play may not be possible for PGA  2K21, it remains an exciting game for golf enthusiasts and is available for purchase on multiple platforms.


1. Is PGA 2K23 cross-generation?

The gaming industry may see more cross-generational games with the release of Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5, so it’s possible that PGA 2K23 will be cross-generational, but it is not confirmed yet. 

2. Will PGA 2K23 have real golfers?

2K Sports has made sure that players have a diverse selection of characters to choose from, ensuring that they will not feel limited in their selections. They have included not only professional golfers but also basketball legends Michael Jordan and Steph Curry as playable characters for added variety.

3. Can you transfer the golfer from 2K21 to 2K23?

You cannot transfer Virtual Currency (VC) between versions of PGA  2K. This includes different console versions of the same game (such as from PlayStation 4 to Xbox One) and Different versions in the PGA  2K series (like transferring from PGA  2K21 to PGA  2K23), which further extends the limitation on transferring VC.