Is 7 Days to Die Crossplay in 2023?

7 Days to Die

Do you enjoy thrills brought by zombie survival games? Well if that is so, then you must know about 7 days to die. This is a frightening post–apocalypse game, crowded with zombies in it. 

Let’s discover if 7 days to die crossplay is possible using various gaming platforms. Therefore join us on our journey into the creepy world of zombies which is packed with know-how and amazement.

What is 7 Days to Die?

7 Days to Die

7 Days to Die is a popular zombie survival game that can be played on a variety of gaming platforms, including PC, Xbox Series X/S, macOS, and PlayStation 5. Tens of thousands of zombies are free to wander in the terrifying post-apocalyptic environment in which gamers are situated. 

Players must employ a variety of survival strategies to survive in this nightmare atmosphere because they start with minimal resources.

In the game, you get a unique combination of survival and crafting aspects. This lets players scavenge for materials and build their very own fortresses to defend against the relentless zombie attacks. 

As days pass in the game, things get tougher, and that means you have to keep adapting and coming up with strategies to stay alive. It’s a really exciting experience that puts your physical and mental endurance to the test when dealing with these overwhelming challenges.

7 Days to Die

Because of its unique perspective on the zombie survival genre, 7 Days to Die has gained in popularity. Here is a more detailed description of the game’s attractiveness to players:

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1. Unleashing Your Creativity

The capacity of 7 Days to Die to spark players’ imaginations is yet another unique aspect of the game. It enables you to construct extensive defenses against endless waves of zombies, including elaborate traps and bunkers. Try to design your fortress; laying cunning traps only to see your defenses work on zombies. This is a significant advantage for gamers, as they have the freedom to express their creativity.

2. Rising Challenges

This dynamic challenge system is what makes the difference between 7 Days to Die. However, the challenges become increasingly complex as you learn and develop skills, and thus have to be strategized. The game involves your mental abilities and forces you to make decisions of last resort, expanding your capabilities to their greatest degree. 

The increase in challenge is gradual and so engages the players and encourages them to go beyond their limits. The gameplay becomes thrilling as you continuously adapt and improve your survival skills.

7 Days to Die has a great reputation because it is the perfect mix of creative freedom and increasing difficulty. The players get the chance to build their strategies which they use to pass tougher hurdles as they progress. That’s what makes 7 Days to Die a top-picked zombie survival game—as it’s creative and harder to master.

Is 7 Days to Die Crossplay?

7 Days to Die

7 Days to Die is partially cross-platform. It means that the same servers allow for cross-platform gaming across different platforms like Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5. Similarly, MacOS players and PC players can play together if they have the same server. So, the different console players can not play with PC/macOS gamers together.

Let’s dive into the details of crossplay options in 7 Days to Die:

Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5

Bad news for Xbox Series X/S and PlayStation 5 players! These two platforms do not support crossplay between them. This is not great for friends on these consoles to team up. But the good news is that the game is available on Xbox series X/S and PlayStation 5. So the players can play together if they are on the same platform.

PC/macOS and Console Players

PC/macOS players also don’t have the option of crossplay with their console counterparts. But the good news for those on Windows Store or PC Game Pass is they have some hope. The developers have expressed their plans to expand crossplay capabilities to include PC/macOS players in the future. 

Thus, it means that soon all the 7 Days to Die players will be able to communicate and play together across all platforms. However, at the moment, PC/macOS users will be required to have some patience to see this feature in place.

PC and MacOS Players

Players on PC and MacOS also have the fantastic opportunity to join forces if they are on the same servers and play 7 Days to Die together seamlessly. However, cross-platform is not possible if one player is on a PC and the other is on macOS.

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Is 7 Days to Die Crossplay in Near Future?

7 Days to Die

For 7 Days to Die, the future of crossplay looks hopeful but uncertain. Currently, we are cautiously optimistic that maybe the PC version of the game could eventually have crossplay with consoles. Once the game has reached the state of being fully released, this exciting development might happen when the game is finally considered a “gold” title, meaning that both PC and console versions are perfectly aligned as the same build.

Nevertheless, it is not certain when this will occur. We are optimistic but cannot guarantee. This depends on the progress being made in the development of the game.

Furthermore, since players can compete against a greater variety of opponents, cross-platform play promotes healthy rivalry among gamers. Removing barriers between various gaming groups and enabling friends to play together on any platform, also fosters inclusivity allowing gamers on PC and consoles to cooperate and survive the zombie apocalypse. Nevertheless, it has not yet occurred, but it might.


While crossplay options are currently limited, the gaming society is eagerly waiting for a future in which players from different platforms come together to fight against the undead. Until that day comes, gamers can continue to lose themselves in this gripping game available on different platforms. 

With an ability to build fortress bases, hone survival skills, and fight in a post-apocalyptic world overwhelmed by zombies, 7 Days to Die provides an engaging and nail-biting experience for players from all walks of life.