Is Genshin Impact Cross-platform or Not?

Is Genshin Impact Cross Platform

Genshin Impact is a popular action RPG game that has quickly become a favourite among gamers. It’s developed by MiHoYo and offers a fantasy world filled with over 50 characters and lots of weapons to choose from. The game invites you into an expansive world – ready for exploration.

In the game, you play as a traveller from another world on a mission to find their lost twin. This journey leads you through many battles and gets you involved in the dealings of the gods and nations of Teyvat.

Genshin Impact is a game that unites players from all corners of the globe, which is truly one of its finest qualities. But the question on many minds is whether it supports cross-platform play. Let’s find out!

Is Genshin Impact Cross-Platform?

Genshin Impact Cross Platform

Fortunately! The game is designed to be cross-platform, allowing players on various platforms to come together and play harmoniously.  As of 2023, Genshin Impact lets players on PC, mobile (iOS and Android), PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5 play together. 

So, if you’re playing on any of these devices, you can join your friends on other supported platforms to complete quests, beat bosses, and find hidden treasures. 

But remember, it doesn’t support cross-platform play between PC and Xbox or PlayStation and Xbox.

Is Genshin Impact Crossplay on iOS and Android?

Yes! Since its launch, Genshin Impact has seamlessly integrated cross-platform play between iOS and Android devices. This remarkable feature enables players to team up with their friends and embark on thrilling adventures together, regardless of the device they choose to play on. 

The miHoYo developers have always ensured this feature works well, keeping the game community connected and inclusive.

Is Genshin Impact Cross-platform Between Android and PC?

Genshin Impact between Android and PC

Have you ever tried playing the game on your Android device or PC? Well, you’re in luck! Genshin Impact supports cross-play between these platforms. 

This means that players can team up and explore the big world of Teyvat together, whether they’re playing on a mobile device or a computer. 

Is Genshin Impact Cross-Platform PC and iOS?

Certainly! Genshin Impact enables cross-platform play between PC and iOS devices. This means players on Windows or Mac computers can team up with friends playing on iOS devices like iPhones or iPads. 

This feature has been a big part of the game since it started, letting players go on exciting adventures. 

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Is Genshin Impact Cross-Platform Between PC And Xbox?

Currently, there’s no way for PC players to join forces with Xbox players. While the game can be enjoyed on various platforms such as PC, mobile devices, and PlayStation consoles, it has yet to be released on Xbox. Consequently, cross-play isn’t currently possible between these platforms.

Is Genshin Impact Crossplay Between PC And PS4/PS5?

Genshin Impact Crossplay Between PC And PS4/PS5

Genshin Impact has covered you by supporting cross-play between PC, PS4, and PS5. So, if your friends are on PlayStation 4 or 5, you can easily team up for some epic adventures. This feature makes the gaming experience more fun and inclusive, as players aren’t limited by their choice of platform.

Is Genshin Impact Cross-Platform On PS4 And PS5?

The good news doesn’t stop there. Players on PS4 and PS5 can also enjoy Genshin Impact together. There are no platform restrictions to stop you from enjoying the game with your friends.

Moreover, MiHoYo has ensured the game works well for players on both consoles.

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Is Genshin Impact Crossplay On Xbox One And Xbox Series X/S?

Genshin Impact Crossplay On Xbox One And Xbox Series X/S

Genshin Impact is unavailable on any Xbox platform, including the Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. Sadly, cross-play with other platforms is off the table for Xbox users. The game’s creators haven’t mentioned any plans to launch it on Xbox.

Is Genshin Impact Cross-Platform Between PC And Nintendo Switch?

As of 2023, Genshin Impact hasn’t been released on the Nintendo Switch. So, cross-platform play between PC and Nintendo Switch isn’t possible right now. The developers have said they’re interested in bringing it to the Switch but haven’t given a release date or any information about cross-platform compatibility.


Genshin Impact is quite a popular game in the gaming industry, offering a fantastic open-world experience that players worldwide love. In 2023, it is available on various platforms, including Mac, Windows PC, iOS, Android, PS4, and PS5. The game offers cross-play between Mac, Windows PC, iOS, Android, and PS4. This lets players from all over explore the magical features of the game. In the near future, we hope that Genshin Impact will keep growing and giving players more ways to connect and share their love.


1. What is the cross-save feature? 

Cross-save is a convenient feature that allows players to access their game progress, characters, and in-game items across different devices using the same account. It’s supported on Mac, Windows PC, iOS, and Android devices. However, remember that cross-save doesn’t work between PlayStation consoles and other platforms.

2. Does Genshin Impact support cross-progression? 

Yes, it does! Genshin Impact supports cross-progression, which lets players continue their adventure in Teyvat on different devices. But remember, PlayStation users might have some limitations when using this feature.

3. What platforms can you play Genshin Impact on?

Players can enjoy Genshin Impact on Mac, Windows PC, iOS, Android, PlayStation 4, and PlayStation 5. There are also plans to release it on Nintendo Switch, and there might be a version for Xbox.