Tiktok No Views After An Hour

Tiktok No Views After An Hour

Tiktok is one of the few social media applications that became popular among the masses in no time. For most users, it’s not just a fun app, but the competition here is for views and likes. Moreover, after a certain number of views, the users can monetize their TikTok channel and earn thousands of dollars. However, it has been seen that some users go viral in no time while others have to wait for years to establish themselves on the app.

There are several reasons that could cause difficulty in getting views on TikTok. It can be your timing, the type of content, or even engagement with the audience. Apart from these, it could entirely be the algorithm of the application. Precisely, there could be a number of reasons that could lead to zero views on your TikTok.

So, let’s see what can be some of the reasons that are causing a lag in your views on TikTok and you are bothered by this question, why am I not getting views on TikTok?

Zero Views After An Hour

To judge your views on TikTok after an hour is quite a short span of time. It takes the algorithm around an hour or two to judge your video and see if it fulfills community guidelines. Hence, even if you are getting no views on your TikTok post in an hour, then it is highly likely that your TikTok’s algorithm is working on it.

Zero Views After An Hour

Moreover, even if you see your views declining after an hour, then it is also the case of the algorithm’s working. Hence, you do not need to worry about no views on your TikTok in an hour or so.

Common Reasons For No Views On TikTok

If you have been posting content on TikTok but are not getting views even after months or your views are not increasing then there can be several reasons apart from the algorithm. So, let’s dive into it and see what can be some reasons for low views on your TikTok.

1. Post Trending Content

Posting trending content on your TikTok is one of the most common means of gaining views. This can be anything from songs to the latest filters, and much more. Moreover, trending content tends to appear more in people’s FYP leading to an increase in your views in no time. Further, trying the latest trend is not a risky game as most content creators would have already tried it. Apart from this, the audience already likes such a trend which makes it even better to try.

You can get these ideas from your TikTok’s FYP page or even from the Instagram reels. The content trending there is usually the same that is trending on TikTok.

2. Increase Engagement

Engaging regularly with your audience is another way to increase your views. One of the easiest ways to do so is by going live regularly. Apart from this, you can post various kinds of polls or ask people for the type of content they would like to see on your page. Hence, when you interact regularly with your audience, then the question of why aren’t my TikToks getting views will not arise.

3. Post-Consistently

One of the biggest mistakes that content creators make is that they do not post content regularly. This way your audience starts declining in no time. Moreover, with long gaps between the videos, it takes TikTok a lot of time to judge your video on community guidelines. Hence, if you want to gain popularity on TikTok, then you should start posting regularly and staying consistent.

Apart from consistency, make sure you post at the time of highest engagement. To check this, you can post videos at different times and then note the one that gets the most engagement. Now you can use this time slot for posting your videos regularly. Moreover, understand your audience’s interest and then post videos of that type. For instance, your audience might like your funny content more than the intellectual one. Hence, you should focus more on posting funny videos and work towards improving other types of content.

4. Share On Social Media

Posting videos on TikTok is not enough. Therefore, you should also share links on your social media handles. These include Instagram, Twitter, and even posting on your WhatsApp status. Consequently, your reach will increase and you will have more audience in no time. Therefore, you can use your social media to increase your TikTok’s views in a very short span of time.

5. Don’t Post Explicit Videos

Posting explicit videos on TikTok does not go well with this app. There is a high chance that the application will not show your video on FYPs. Apart from this, there is a high chance of your account getting banned if you continue posting videos that go against community guidelines.


If you are new to TikTok, then you must understand that it takes some time before you start getting views on your videos. However, if even after months of constant posting and engagement, you still are unable to increase the number of your views, then it’s time you must try something new. Start with the trending content and then move on to creating personalized content. Hopefully, the tips shared above will help you get views on your TikTok in no time.